A mix of different cuisines a stone’s throw from the Patriarshy Ponds. This project is the brainchild of restaurateurs Anna and Nikita Tataev (Tkemali Restaurant, Coba), who conceived it after a walk around Cape Town brought them to the Chefs Warehouse restaurant. Fascinated, they decided to organize something similar in Moscow and invited Liam Tomlin, who headed that very same Chefs Warehouse, as a consultant. The restaurant’s chef is Ilya Pampukha who, in keeping with Liam’s commandments, makes soup from sweet potato and peanuts, combines halibut with corn, and burnt tuna with pecan crunch. You should visit at least out of curiosity — the place offers a wealth of new combinations and sensations, including those from the chief bartender Vitaly Tsay.

Chef's recommendations

  • Dorado ceviche
  • Bull-tailed croquettes
  • Celery risotto / scallop / girasol
  • Sweet potato cream soup with strachatella and peanuts
  • Risotto with taleggio and sage
  • Halibut in tom-yam sauce
  • Truffle filet mignon

Chef Bartender's recommendations

  • Moai
  • Somerset
  • Wings of love
  • Waka-Waka
  • Spanking