Restaurant Skuratov

A perfect place for meetings or work at any time of the day. Skuratov is steadily expanding around Kazan: there are two cafes at the downtown pedestrian Baumana Street, another one is next to the Lyadskoy Garden that the locals call Kazan’s Patriarshy Ponds, one each in the gastro clusters (at Peterburgskaya and Stolbova streets) that are growing in popularity, and one is in a bedroom community. Inside, you’ll find neon signs and lots of green plants, and in the menu, among other things, seasonal coffee, tea, and lemonades. In terms of food, there are sandwiches, yogurt with granola, porridges, muffins, biscotti, and cookies. If you want to drink your coffee from a ceramic mug, go to Skuratov at Stolbova Street.