Restaurant Radio Greenhouse

A beautiful project that opened in the spring of 2022 on the premises of Supermetall office space. The responsibility for its appearance rests with the creators of Blanc who have already shown great skill in organizing unorthodox locations. A riot of greenery, minimalistic interiors, retro reproducer on the façade, and a substantial menu, conceived by Alexander Karadzhiev, the older brother of Blanc’s chef de cuisine. The word “greenhouse” has firmly attached itself to the name Radio, which is the right thing to happen: the sunlight cuts through the glass roof and vegetation, creating a distinctly un-Moscow-like experience.

Chef's recommendations

  • Unagi eel
  • Thai soup
  • Salmon with black rice
  • Lamb rack with couscous
  • Creme brulee from fermented baked milk

The address of the restaurant Radio Greenhouse

2nd Baumanskaya str, 9/23, bld.3

+7 (991) 647-11-70

Mo-Tu 12:00–23:00; Fr, Sa 12:00–02:00; Su 12:00–23:00