The new life of an architectural landmark.
Not just an intimate 5-star hotel, but a gallery, a library, a restaurant, a well-groomed garden, and a number of other spaces for the smart and creative set. All these venues can be found in a 200-year-old mansion apparently designed by architect Fedor Richter — but there are some doubts there.
The hotel consists of seven custom rooms with dramatically different interiors, which all fascinatingly combine the historical heritage and contemporary design: antique latches and contemporary art on the walls, centuries-old lacework and the books of Russian Conceptualist author and artist Andrey Monastyrski on the shelves. There is also a cast iron staircase delivered from Belgium, wall murals that exist in this space since the 1990s, fancy ceiling stuccos with hyenas and lions, and other beauty that can be accommodated by a mansion that was retooled into a creative residence.
Richter is in a historical neighborhood, in the middle of Pyatnitskaya Street. To come here for one day would mean to merely touch all the pleasures of this mansion and its surroundings. So, it’s best to stay here if your time is not preoccupied with conferences and endless meetings, if you’ll have a few hours to study the details, to observe idyllic views through the windows, and to visit the lectures that are presented here in a secret room.