Restaurant Pir

The Pir restaurant is a part of the Pir/Par complex at the shore of Kaban Lake (the second part of the name, which means “steam” in Russian, takes care of the guests’ spa needs). The kitchen is run by chef de cuisine Konstantin Ryzhaikin, one of the first popularizers of the Tatar cuisine. At Pir, he does not limit himself to qistibi flat breads or öçpoçmaq pastries (with duck and beef — and they are perfect) but has added several international hits that have been slightly reinvented. As a result, the menu boasts homemade chitarra pasta with a giant prawn, qistibi kebab from marbled beef, azu with horse meat, and pizza with turkey and gherkins. The bar serves classical cocktails, and the wine menu has about 100 entries.

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