Restaurant Community

A dazzling hybrid — a restaurant, bar, tearoom, and theater — in the interiors created by the design bureau of Sundukov sisters. Cocktails, dancing, performances — all provide an amazing change of scenery, sensations, and needs. When you go to Community, try to avoid making other plans for the evening — most likely, you won’t go anywhere else, and it will be awkward with your other dates. The life of Community is in the hands of people who know customs of Moscow and its residents better than most, the rock-solid club promoters Siniša Lazarevič and Yegor Kandyurin.

Chef's recommendations

  • Mixed salad, vegan sauce
  • Beef tartare, brioche, onion sauce, truffle
  • Dim Sum beef, smoked sour cream sauce
  • Pizza Community, truffle sauce, gorgonzola, goat cheese, mozzarella, truffle
  • Bestseller "Community" — pistachio cream cheese, carrot cake, coconut mousse

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