Born in 1965 in Melbourne. Completed his studies in Australia, at a culinary college. Glen worked in his native country for eight years, and then moved to Southeast Asia, where he worked for the next 20 years. That was followed by London and then, in 2007, by Moscow and Nedalny Vostok restaurant. The chef has under his belt four years at one of the Hyatt hotels, Moscow restaurants Glenuill, Zupperia, Cutfish, Lucky Izakaya Bar, Margarita Bistro, Eva, T1, Maya, and 345. Today, Glen is the brand chef of the Lucky Group restaurant group, and the concept cef of several restaurant projects, including Burger & Pizzetta, Kuznya House, Cutta Cutta, and Sangre Fresca. Ballis is passionate about vegetables, which always play an important role in his menus.