Restaurant Aga

An ambitious Mediterranean restaurant on the roof of Arena Hall is a bid for gastronomical St. Petersburg’s new calling card. You can sense the scale in everything: the circular terrace offers panoramic views of the Hermitage Museum, the Prince St. Vladimir’s Cathedral, and Lakhta Center, and inside 400 guests can be seated in the atmosphere of timeless Italian old money – walnut panels, leather chairs, terrazzo, white tablecloths, and a lobby bar in the best traditions of a five-star hotel.
The kitchen is full of well-calibrated Italian cuisine and fresh seafood, imported specifically for the restaurant – and its offerings are accompanied by a wine list with 800 names. There is also a hidden bonus: a banquet hall and a VIP suite with a view of the future Court Quarter.

The address of the restaurant Aga

Dobrolyubova prospect, 16, k. 2, floor 7

+7 812 909 6677