Restaurant Cicheti italo bistro

An Italian bistro from the Relab Family and Alexander Sysoev with the right atmosphere — the hum of the guests’ voices and the open kitchen, the colorful accents in the interiors (look out for the bike on the wall), and the breakneck speed of service. The menu includes flawless antipasti, homemade pasta, rectangular Roman pizzetta with classical and original toppings (for example, with Tambov ham and Stracciatella) from the concept chef of the whole Relab Family Farhad Gilmutdinov. The bar menu is all about wine and cocktails that have been the team’s signature over the last 12 years. If you don’t see any free seats through the big window, go in anyway — your wait will be made shorter by a limoncello tonic or a glass of prosecco, and the tables free up fast here.

The address of the restaurant Cicheti italo bistro

Baumana str, 9а

+7 917 868 00 61