A remarkable project that was opened quite far from the central Moscow, in the Khamovniki district’s Garden Quarters residential complex — and became a place of pilgrimage even for those who refuse to leave confines of the Boulevard Ring. It is a hybrid of a café, restaurant, bakery, pastry shop, and a meat shop with excellent sausages and whatnot. The owners call it a culinary shop. Vadvare is an important component of The Stolen Artichoke group, managed by Italian Nicola Mavica and his daughter Greta. To say that he manages this place is not even close to truth: Nicola lives for this project, he is deeply immersed in all its work, holding every detail in his head and his hands. Chef de cuisine here is also Italian – Carlo Scafetta. Between 8 am and 4:30 pm, they cook breakfast here, in the afternoon, serve hefty sandwiches with pastrami, porchetta, and prosciutto cotto on house bread, and in the evenings, organize intimate dinners or chef’s table, the finest in Moscow.