Vlad doesn’t have a professional cook’s diploma because he studied to be a mechanical engineer at Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Following graduation, Vlad and his partners founded a company that published computer gaming magazines. After shutting down the magazines, he opened two manufacturing enterprises and managed them for ten years. In 2009, after bidding farewell to this occupation, the future chef concentrated his efforts on his culinary blog and writing the book titled Everything About Eating Deliciously. In 2016, he became the chef de cuisine at Andrey Dellos’s new restaurant Matryoshka (Nesting Doll). Vlad is the author of several books.

We were the first to come up with the idea of guest appearances from other restaurants. We didn’t just invite the chefs; we brought the restaurant’s whole team in! We brought the bar, the sommelier, did wine pairings, menus — we’ve been doing this since 2017, every month, promoting, showcasing others. We brought the wonderful Grebenshchikov brothers who were unknown at that time, Hayk Veyshtort, Roman Kiselev, and many other talented chefs. We brought Yam’Tcha from Paris, Marv & Ben from Copenhagen, people from Spain and Tel Aviv. It was fantastic!

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