A new project from Philipp Golubev who opened it at the very beginning of Ostozhenka Street. This restaurant is a must-visit regardless of your interest of the local cuisine, the overarching concept, interior decoration, or what not. The reason? Aina is the duo of chef Gleb Gaiger and bartender Arthur Shusteriovas (who is also the project’s partner). Together, they populated the restaurant’s menu with the tastes, combinations, and products of the Russian regions. This pair has already worked together – and their mutual passion for pairing dishes and drinks is a powerful force that is hopefully will stay with them for a long time.

Chef's recommendations

  • Chopped veal / bone marrow / sour salad
  • Cutted vegetables salad / pomegranate / nut
  • Pasties with crab / tomato / Krasnodar adjika
  • Beef rib / crispy potatoes / sourdough BBQ
  • Apples in Krasnodar wine / biscuit / cream with Uzbek lemon zest

Chef Bartender's recommendations

  • “Central Asia Aperitivo”: gin, vermouth mix, raspberries, cilantro, blackcurrant
  • “Aina”: vodka, buckwheat, strawberry, vanilla, snowball foam
  • “Feijoa Tini”: vodka, feijoa, apple, elderberry
  • “Iron Nanai Dog”: two aged rums, honey syrup, butterbeer, fireweed foam, raspberry powder, inflorescence from all regions of Russia
  • “Claw”: aged rum, berry bisque, hazelnut milk, falernum syrup