Restaurant Bagebi

One of Moscow’s most beautiful restaurants that should be visited in any event — even if for a cup of Tbilisi coffee or a glass of wine. Rare frescos on the walls and ceilings, a winter garden, vaults, and the total illusion of sitting in some historically important place instead of a restaurant that was opened just a year ago by Vasily Tsereteli, Andrey Telesh, and Rezo Makharadze. That said, there’s plenty of historical here as well: the restaurant occupies a part of the former Prince Dolgorukov mansion. The food is solid: chef Nikita Verchenko polishes Georgian classics with French techniques and state-of-the-art gadgets, which provokes both the thrill of recognition and enthusiasm of the pathfinder. Bagebi is located at Prechistenka Street, surrounded by Art Nouveau architecture, and if I can give a piece of advice, it will be this: combine a lunch or dinner at the restaurant with a walk around local side-streets — and you’ll come away feeling like you had a comprehensive vacation.

Chef's recommendations

  • Marinated tomato with pomegranate
  • Achma with smoked matsoni and tomato water
  • Shechamadas with mushrooms
  • Beef rib eye
  • Stewed rabbit with elarji donuts