An establishment by Siberian restaurateur Denis Ivanov. This is a rare phenomenon for Moscow: now, all those taiga rarities that we devour during our business trips and travels can be had here, without any flights and jetlag. The kitchen here is the territory of Yevgeny Kuznetsov who augments Siberian traditions with imperatives of our times, creating things such as moose burger, the city’s most exotic. In addition to various specialties, there is plenty of simple popular Russian dishes such as pike cutlets, smoked sturgeon, and Olivier salad with red caviar.

Chef's recommendations

  • Muksun Sugudai
  • Fish soup with sturgeon vizigi
  • Siberian pelmeni with four types of meat
  • Burger with elk
  • “Polar bear” with cedar milk

Chef Bartender's recommendations

  • Harvest-time
  • Conquest of Siberia
  • Sayan Mountains
  • Pears for breakfast
  • Chokeberry infusion
  • Apple & pine nuts