Restaurant White rabbit

A project that leaves one at loss for words. Thanks to the efforts and talents of restaurateur Boris Zarkov and brand chef Vladimir Mukhin, White Rabbit takes its rightful place in line with Russian ballet, matryoshka dolls, sour cucumbers, and Russia’s other great achievements, known far and wide, from Tokyo to Acapulco. This is your chance to try rare Russian products that have gone through Mukhin’s laboratory.

Chef's recommendations

  • Napoleon with black caviar
  • Cocolardo with Borobino bread and black caviar
  • Chestnut honey meringue and foie gras
  • Okroshka on bine with milky mushrooms
  • Stuffed cabbage with caviar
  • Murmansk halibut with mashed potatoes and baked pumpkin
  • Veal tongue with green peas
  • Medovik

Chef Bartender's recommendations

  • «Mad Hatter»
  • «Kiss Alice»
  • «Absolem»
  • Blood orange, pear, coconut