Restaurant Cantinetta Antinori

Arkady Novikov’s restaurant that was created in cooperation with the Antinori winery. This union has engendered an excellent menu that begins with so many appetizers that you might have to stay away from the hot dishes. Nonetheless, try to overcome your desire for just a glass of wine and some appetizers: the menu by Italian chef Mauro Panebianco is full of interesting dishes, from tomato soup with bread and red mullet fish to roasted young goat meat with herbs and Pecorino cheese. Cantinetta Antinori is located at Denezhny Side-street, in the backstreets of Arbat, so my sincere advice is to combine a lunch with a long walk in the neighborhood that can easily take half a day.

Chef's recommendations

  • Baked eggplants with mozzarella cheese
  • Vitello Tonnato
  • Spaghetti "Cacio Pepe" with Roman pecorino and black pepper
  • Seafood risotto
  • Baked octopus with white bean sauce
  • Baked baby goat with herbs in Sardinian style
  • Tiramisu