Born in Moscow in 1962. Completed his studies at the vocational school of culinary arts and then graduated from the Russian Academy of Economics, where he was trained as a chef. Before establishing the Novikov Group restaurant holding in 1991 with the opening of his first restaurant Sirena (Siren), Arkady managed to work as a chef at the University and Havana restaurants, and as a head chef at the Olympic Lights restaurant, Viktoriya restaurant at the Gorky Park, and at Hard Rock Café. The opening of Sirena was followed by the famous Tsarskaya Ohota (Royal Hunt) restaurant, a favorite of the public figures and politicians. In 2011, the company found itself on the international markets: Novikov Restaurant & Bar was opened at London’s Mayfair. In 2021, the group’s first fine dining restaurant, Artest, was opened through the joint efforts of Arkady Novikov and chef Artem Estafiev.