Restaurant Due Forni

Another passionate Italian salute comes from Bolshoy Savvinsky side-street, and this salute feels like its provenance is some Mediterranean coast, with its colorful promenades, smartly dressed crowd, and high-class cars (on the weekends, all of Moscow’s illustrious fleet is found here).

The restaurant’s name means «Two ovens» in Italian, its premises is divided into two spaces, and the business is run by two Italians, Vincenzo Guarino and Bruno Marina (in truth, there are three Italians here — the third one is the acclaimed pastry chef Carmine Di Donna).

The menu’s pace is set by seafood, homemade pasta, and Italian delicacies, with support from the ambitious wine menu.

The servings are generous, the atmosphere is festive, and the crowd often knows each other well, which creates an additional happy flair as people wave, nod, wink, and gift bottles of wine from table to table. Speaking of which, it’s best to book a table ahead of time.