Royal pan-Asia not far from the Frunzenskaya Metro Station.

A new restaurant from the Folio Group, filled to the brim with the obvious and not-so-obvious (which are also more interesting) edible treasures of the Southeast Asia. As envisioned by the people behind the project, the density of this collection of specialties should remind one of the legendary Biwon garden that was planted in the 15th century in the Changdeokgung Palace in Seul.

The man in charge of food is Egyptian Mido Mustafa who has under his belt participation in the great Hong Kong project Ronin as well as life and work in South Korea: in other words, the chef knows what he’s talking about. There are classical dishes that many of us tasted during our trips, there is exciting flirting with these classics, and there are clearly defined rules. For example, they promise that if you order beef, it will be Wague, if the dish includes a sauce, it will be cooked right here, and if you order the classical yukgaejang soup, the noodles for it will be pulled in the restaurant’s kitchen, guaranteed.

The rest is interesting as well: the desserts are the purview of the acclaimed Napoli native and pastry chef Carmine Di Donna, and the interior decoration that serves the nostalgia for royal gardens was done by Natalia Belonogova.