Born in Moscow. By training, Kirill is a radar systems engineer. In 1989, he got a job as a waiter at Café U Josefa. He then worked at Anna Mons, Assol, and U Petra restaurants. In 1992, left the country to work in Helsinki. Four years later, he returned to Moscow where he began to work as a cook at Alexander Blok steamship entertainment center. In 2003-2004, Kirill worked as a corporate cook at Global Foods. Beginning in 2004, he was the brand chef of Goodman, Kolbasoff, and Mamina Pasta (Mom’s Pasta) restaurants. He was also one of the co-founders of St. Petersburg’s Stroganov steak house. Apprenticed in Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and Norway. One of the organizers of the National Guild of Chefs, and its current president. In 2007, together with restaurateur Anton Lyalin, Kirill launched his own project, Torro Grill. Today, he is the co-owner and brand chef of projects Torro Grill, Boston Seafood & Bar, Magnum Wine Bar, and MOZZA trattoria.

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