Lotte Hotel St. Petersburg

The Lotte hospitality chain has a certain feature that tightly binds its visitors to its hotels. They do not waste a lot of effort on playing up their national identity and heritage, but consistently focus on making every step and move of their guests comfortable and fulfilling their every need. The number of steps from point A to point B and the thickness of floor carpets, the just-right thickness of drapes that let in the light and the temperature of water and air, the location of corners and the zoning of lighting fixtures, the right roughness of the bath sponge, the sounds of the grand piano in the foyer, and the rest of the important everyday needs are all given the spotlight here. This is the kind of place where it’s nice to end up after complicated air travel itinerary and energetic hours-long walks around St. Petersburg. A place where your body gets as much care as your soul.