A rare format for Moscow — a restaurant without waiters. The project’s authors — Konstantin Samarin, Irina Kacherova, and her husband Anton Pyatin — decided to open a place for their friends, and chose a barely noticeable basement at Chistye Ponds, foregoing a visible sign. But the result was as should be expected: its secrecy turned the establishment into an object of desire for many, and the mention in the Michelin Guide only strengthened this desire. The menu conceived by the brand chef Timofey Sulima is one page long and full of appetizers (which is understandable, as the place has an exquisite wine menu), from roast beef with onion jam to salmon tartare, and hides a modest selection of hot dishes, from baked cabbage to duck breast. 
It’s remarkable that the establishment’s success has not robbed it of its intimacy and homelike feeling. Most likely, your set of appetizers and a plate of risotto will be followed by the detailed story on the nature of local food, followed by wine, joy, and “come again” invitation.

Chef's recommendations

  • Roast beef with onion cream
  • Not just a salad
  • Duck breast
  • Butcher's steak

Chef Bartender's recommendations

  • Flor Spritz
  • Gina
  • Smoky Negroni