Restaurant Blanc

If Jane Austen was alive and writing today, her heroines would be regularly found at Blanc with a glass of sparkling wine. Few Moscow establishments can boast such powerful maiden raids. They sit there, laughing, talking about boyfriends, turning red from a glass of Aperol, and dreaming of dolce vita, unaware that they are living it right this moment. Blanc is the dolce vita: sitting around in vintage chairs near the panoramic window, light breakfasts that don’t botch your diet and anyway are destined for the social media, movie shows well into the night, and dancing under the starry sky in the enclosed courtyard, far from the random passersby.

Chef's recommendations

  • Creamy cheesecake, tangerine, salted caramel
  • Cheesecake with ricotta and sea buckthorn sour cream
  • Duck leg, orange sauce, creamy potatoes
  • Tuna tartar, avocado, pomelo, tomato
  • Baked camembert, lingonberries, mixed salad, truffle sauce
  • Avocado hummus, babaganush, herb salad

Chef Bartender's recommendations

  • White Spritz
  • Threesome
  • Good Feelen
  • Pink Room
  • Hello it’s Negroni
  • Mango