Restaurant Koi

A creative collaboration of restaurateur Antonio Fresa (Saviv Moscow, Sea, Signora), and one of the principal reformers of 2010s Moscow’s gastronomic scene, the Australian-born chef Glen Ballis. This is the most intriguing and promising opening at Dom 12, at New Holland Island. Koi’s concept features signature Asian fusion with a clear emphasis on fresh seafood (including Kamchatka crab and Japanese bluefin tuna) and the classics of Cantonese cuisine. Over the first six months of the restaurant’s operations the Duck Char Siew in sweet honey marinade and the famous fried milk dessert from Guangdong province, served here with fresh raspberries and coconut yogurt, have already become bestsellers of the à la carte menu. The main hits of the wine collection are the Champagne wines, Rieslings, and, most certainly, sake.