Moscow’s most important establishment, the matrix and spawn for many chefs and bartenders. The kitchen was set up by the outstanding chef Ivan Shishkin, and the bar with cocktails and infusions is deftly managed by Vyacheslav Lankin. Together, they offer food and drink for the decisive and light-hearted people. Mackerel fillet with pickled mushroom tartare, horsemeat tartare fried with an iron, or tortelli with baked lamb and Imeretinsky cheese — all these dishes should be tasted immediately, because the menu is mercurial and flexible, offering one thing today, another tomorrow.

Chef's recommendations

  • Butcher's steak
  • Agnolotti with beef cheeks
  • Veal brain pate with kefir butter
  • Iron-fried horse meat tartare

Chef Bartender's recommendations

  • Pedro Manhattan
  • Milk Punch Puren
  • Lime Me Up