Restaurant Sakhli

The patriarchal Georgian cuisine restaurant that isn’t easy to stumble upon as it’s deftly hidden in the corner of Bolshoy Karetny Side-street. You should go to Sakhli on a special occasion, booking the table in advance and turning off your phone until morning so that nothing distracts you from the cuisine of Lilia Arutyunova-Medzmariashvili, the restaurant’s brand chef and co-owner. The interiors, the kitchen, the manners of the people who work here — all of this is real, not marketing, home comfort that cannot be created artificially. And for that, my sincere thanks to Lilia.

Chef's recommendations

  • Black Sea fish soup
  • Crayfish satsivi
  • Khinkali with crayfish
  • Ladies' khinkali with turkey and original sauce
  • Salmon khinkali optionally served in fish broth
  • Megrelian khachapuri