Restaurant Padron

An exciting performance from Adrian Quetglas, the acclaimed chef who has long made Moscow his second home. In his new project, Adrian concentrates on the cuisine of Spain and Portugal: after mixing the folk traditions of two countries and their current gastronomical achievements, he added his own vision of the world, and the result is a restaurant that Russia’s capital city hasn’t seen in a while. Quetglas is assisted by Evgeny Tsyganov, who is a strong chef on his own. Lamb empanadas, roasted sucking pigs, exotic beef cheek, all sorts of sausages that were given a lot of special consideration here, and other Iberian life pleasures. To acquaint yourself with all that, resist any rush, choose a tried-and-true companion, and, just to be safe, cancel all plans for tomorrow, because in addition to all the food, there is a strong cocktail menu to taste.