Restaurant Cafe Pushkin

The longstanding Moscow attraction — Russian cuisine in nobleman home interiors. Sturgeons and pirozhki, footmen and bannisters — the visitors are given a beautiful illusion that explains how well-heeled Russians ate and drank in the late 19th century. But even if it wasn’t for its festive and touristy concept, Pushkin would still be one of Moscow’s important establishments, thanks to its chef de cuisine Andrey Makhov.

Chef's recommendations

  • Soft-boiled egg with avocado salad
  • Caesar according to Pozharsky's recipe
  • Stroganoff seafood with a wire rod
  • Beef rib with onion puree
  • Dessert "Gzhel"

Chef Bartender's recommendations

  • Wild strawberry gin
  • Dor Blue — Pear Sour
  • Sagan-dilya Tiny
  • Cypress
  • Tonic made of wildflowers