Max’s Beef for Money

An intimate restaurant with several tables next to the Tverskaya metro station. An extensive wine card (the restaurant’s founders are sommelier Vladimir Basov and Real Authentic Wine company), a compact menu, and excellent meat supplied from their own farm in the Leningrad region. The restaurant’s owners swear off the “steakhouse” definition and call their establishment a meat restaurant, serving sausages, cutlets, fried kidneys, and sweetbread with baby zucchini. And don’t try to come here for a quiet date, you’ll find yourself in the center of a festive family dinner, even if those are not your relatives.

Chef's recommendations

  • Tartar "Parisian"
  • Calf's head brawn
  • Goiter gland with morels
  • Salted porcini mushroom carpaccio
  • Rib Eye on the Bone Dry Aged
  • Semifredo