Restaurant 800 Contemporary

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A meat restaurant by Heinrich Karpin (il Forno Group), full of steaks, topsides, ribs, and other wonderful things. The approach to meat is there thorough here. First, chef de cuisine Sergey Balashov did an internship at the Beefbar restaurant in Monaco. Then, Sergey’s skills were augmented with unique ovens that continuously work at the temperature of 800 °C, the best temperature for meat. There are all kinds of beef here — from Russia, Argentina, and Japan, and that makes it all the more interesting, affording you an opportunity to study the nuances and compare. The restaurant is located at the Patriarshy Ponds, and you’d do well to first work up an appetite by walking around and studying the works of architects Zholtovsky and Shekhtel — and then going for the beef.

Chef's recommendations

  • Pie en croute
  • Black angus sushi / black bean sauce
  • Rotti / ribeye / pepper sauce
  • Black angus tartar / potato brushwood
  • Flat iron / Sicilian side dish
  • Porterhouse dry age special

Chef Bartender's recommendations

  • Bellini Banana
  • Sgroppino
  • Yuzu Sprits
  • Limoncello Sprits
  • Lychee Martini