An amazing restaurant at Patriarshy Poinds that has moved beyond its public dining format. Zoika’s owners call this place a living room, which sounds about right: there are wallpaper with floral patterns, plushy couches, and other attributes of a festive domestic space. When here, you feel yourself a participant of some private get-together. The salon’s owners behave as one would expect them to: they feed (cutlet a la russe with foie gras or Wellington sausage), serve sour cherry infusion and hot punch, and entertain their guests. They organize performances by the graduates of Brusnikin’s Workshop theater studio and other meet-the-artist events and constantly hold poetry readings.

Chef's recommendations

  • Scallop with cloudberry vinegar and melon
  • Pate en croute with tomato marmalade
  • Onion cream soup with smoked shrimp and cheese toast
  • Homemade beef pasta a la bouffe with kvass
  • Tsvetaeva tart, frangipani with lavender and Noisette ice cream

Chef Bartender's recommendations

  • Tango Magnolia: banana cordial, Orthodox vodka with mango yogurt, lemongrass distillate
  • Spine flute: buckwheat cordial, lemongrass distillate
  • Lilac: grapefruit distillate, strawberry-blackberry cordial
  • Bitterness: omara, aperitivo, lemongrass
  • Marlene: coffee, cocoa, salted caramel