Restaurant Noor

Noor was conceived as a bar for cocktails and joy. That’s precisely what happened, but with time, it has accumulated a substantial following that comes here for breakfast, negotiations, and feeding their children. All that happens during daytime, but even then, the air is full of phantoms of the drive and glee that sweep the bar in the evenings: just like any apartment cleaned after a party is always hiding someone’s forgotten stocking in plain sight. Noor’s basement hosts an intimate Noor Küche bar that opens on the weekends at midnight and holds swashbuckling parties. Alcohol at both bars is the domain of Marat Saddarov, the man who gifted us the Pomegranate Tini.

Chef's recommendations

  • Shrimps in Borodino breading with black garlic and Orange negroni
  • Smoked scallop, limoncello hollandaise and Pisco sour
  • Beef tartar with pickled mushrooms and Dirty martini
  • Hedonistic croissants with red caviar and French 75
  • Navy Macaroni with deer marrow and Manhattan
  • Medovik cake from the buffet of the electro theater and Espresso martini