The gastronomic traditions of the Caucasus and the Middle East reimagined by chef Vladimir Chistyakov. Lacmacun (Turkish pizza) with fried calamari, beef tongue shashlik with caramelized onions, and ajika served as a sauce for salmon tartare, as well as vegetables and spices — here, one can see Chistyakov’s love for these ingredients in full force. Half of the dishes are cooked in the ovens, and this is a rare case when the ethnic southern cuisine turns out to be so light, even after going through the fire. Folk is located at the very start of Tsvetnoy Boulevard, which works in favor of those who like to go for long walks around the Boulevard Ring with a certain dinner at the end.

Chef's recommendations

  • Lahmajun/ lamb/ jonjoli/ plum
  • Truffle ailaj/ morels/ pistachios
  • Seabass/ chard/ tomato tartare
  • Beef tongue shashlyk/ baked potatoes/ caramelized onions

Chef Bartender's recommendations

  • Ametist
  • Fakir
  • Duduk
  • Roots
  • Rite
  • Flora
  • Tsartsiata