An amazing project by the star Peruvian chef Virgilio Martinez that was launched by the chef in cooperation with his own organization Mater Iniciativa, which studies nature and food products in particular. To come here in order to allay your hunger is the wrong approach. A hungry person pays little attention to nuances and miracles, but here, everything’s built from this foundation. The chef offers a close look at everything that’s grown and produced around us, and the result of this observation is the “Flying Seeds” tasting menu: new tastes (some of the products chef brings straight from Peru, including potatoes, corn, or Peruvian nuts), new sensations, and admiration for gastronomical bravery of Virgilio and his whole team.

Chef's recommendations

  • Tasting set of 9 servings “Botanicum” and 6 servings “Landscapes”
  • Scallop. Hedgehog caramel. Lime. Ahi rokoto
  • Duck tartar. Goat cheese. Escabeche
  • Octopus. Purple potatoes. Pallar beans
  • Wild herbs. Persimmon. Mint. Verbena

Chef Bartender's recommendations

  • Gastronomic cocktail “Arid soil”
  • Cocktail “Quiet Waters”
  • The chef sommelier recommends choosing a wine or non-alcoholic accompaniment for the tasting menu