A beautiful restaurant at the Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, a tandem project by Boris Zarkov and Vladimir Mukhin. The menu has everything: Neapolitan pizza, meat from the ovens, an epic Gorynych cutlet with cowberry sauce, and fantastic creamy cottage cheese-filled choux pastry, black from all the poppy seeds. All of these must be tried during the first visit. An important feature of Gorynych is that half of the guests come here after a walk along the boulevards. Which makes Gorynych not yet another get-together, but an encyclopedia of Moscow life.

Chef's recommendations

  • Beef cutlet «Gorynych» with lingonberry sauce
  • Borsch with beef pastrami and smoked pear
  • Pizza “Gorynich”
  • Green salad with asparagus, blueberry and avocado
  • Sea creatures from the oven
  • Smetannik cake with persimmon

Chef Bartender's recommendations

  • Breath of Gorynych
  • Barbie sour
  • Princess
  • Bacchanalia
  • Freshness of Lukomorye
  • Tincture: Chokeberry, ziziphora, wild rosemary, lingonberry, sagan-dal