Ararat Park Hotel Moscow

Everything all at once.

At Ararat Hyatt, it seems as if you came just in time and the really cool stuff as about to happen. As if everyone was waiting just for you. It may be the place’s lineage — a popular Ararat restaurant with a small hotel on the second floor used to stand here. It may be the fragrant flower shop right at the entrance. Or the glass of the atrium that glitters in the sunlight. And it may be the overall atmosphere — one of the best among Moscow’s hotels — that evolves from the fact that the staff are not stingy with care, everyone smiles a lot, and the breakfasts are magnificent.

There is no stinginess anywhere here: at Hyatt, you can physically sense how much money and effort was invested in the hotel’s development. Beginning with the elevators designed by the Eiffel bureau that was founded by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel who had built the Eiffel Tower. And ending with the interior design from the American Tony Chi, who is responsible for the image of Hyatt hotels all over the world.

All of this creates an illusion of being the center of the world. Add to that the calm of the local spa, a rare view of the city from the Conservatory restaurant, and the healing khash at the Ararat café — and have a great hotel experience.