Kappo Hiroki Arakawa

A notable Moscow attraction — a restaurant that in addition to the main menu also has an omakase menu, a specially conceived order of serving the dishes that requires the guest to have about two hours of free time as well as a certain sense of calm and purpose. Eating here on the fly is not a good idea. The performance is managed by Hiroki Arakawa, a chef with 35 years of experience of working in Singapore, Kuala-Lumpur, Osaka, and Moscow. Kappo Hiroki Arakawa offers two types of courses — Omakase Sushi and Omakase Kaiseki — and its menu hides such delightful words as “gyu hohoniku yavarakani,” “ohitashi,” and much more.

Chef's recommendations

  • Omakase
  • Salmon sio kodji
  • Edomae sushi set
  • Modzuku su
  • Chavanmushi with crab
  • Matcha ice cream