Sartoria Lamberti

In Italy, sartoria is a dress-making and tailoring shop. William Lamberti decided that fashion and food are the Italians’ two most important passions and mixed a sartoria and a restaurant. The result is a beautiful gastronomic atelier full of sweet details that’s located on the ground floor of The Carlton Hotel. The kitchen is managed by Lamberti himself who is the restaurant’s brand chef. As you leave, don’t forget to take a personalized handkerchief with your initials embroidered in damask stitch while you dine. Sartoria Lamberti has utensils with a needle hole in their handles, light fixtures that resemble the cuffs of men’s shirts, miniature irons, and hefty spools of thread. And even the waiters and hostesses’ uniform was specially designed by a fashionable Russian designer.

Chef's recommendations

  • Black cannoli with tuna and truffle
  • Avocado carpaccio
  • Salmon salad
  • Ravioli with black caviar
  • Sea bass fillet with beans and truffle