Restaurant Mamie

An eye-catching bistro with a French countryside flair and multicultural, primarily European, cuisine. It’s as if you are somewhere in Provence and find a lively Mediterranean mix of the French, Italian, and Spanish cuisines. Brand chef Dan Miron oversees the food here – and he works side by side with chef Alexander Shuba. They previously practiced their craft together at Niki restaurant, another GreatList venue. Mamie is a rare place at Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street that works equally well for a weekday lunch-for-one and a boisterous weekend revelry. The name Mamie means “grandma” in French and the bistro deserves it for remarkably capturing the simplicity of a countryside home.

Chef's recommendations

  • Sicilian crudo
  • Parisian tartar
  • Fettuccine Alfredo, black truffle
  • Monkfish, eggplant, tomato
  • Millefeuille, hazelnut praline, salted caramel