Restaurant Koji

Koji is a fungus that enables the Asian chefs to pull all kinds of great stunts with fermentation. Koji is also a restaurant at Kalashny Side-street, member of the Lucky Group family. The kitchen is the brainchild of Glen Ballis who passed it over to Vasily Zaitsev (formerly WRF), and the result is a mixed pan-Asian cuisine, somewhat polished and settled down. Two floors at Koji are always full of people. On one, people are eating wague ramen, osidzusi with tuna, or Peking duck; on the other, they stand side by side drinking cocktails, some of which are prepared with the help of koji.

Chef's recommendations

  • Eel oshizushi
  • Scallop sashimi
  • Ramen wagyu
  • Bao with wild mushrooms
  • Beijing duck
  • Coal fish
  • Nama chocolate

Chef Bartender's recommendations

  • Geisha Fizz
  • Amezaiku Fizz
  • Han Sour
  • Golao Highball
  • Dongbin Highball
  • Yamadanishiki Spritz
  • Aisu Fizz