Four Seasons Hotel Moscow

A place with a history in close vicinity of the Red Square.
Just like The Carlton nearby, Four Seasons occupies a space that has long been taken up by hotels. In the early 20th century, there was a luxurious Grand Hotel — with a good restaurant that served Russian and French cuisine, with tiled stoves, billiard tables, library, and a phone. In 1935, it was demolished to make place for the Moscow Hotel, built by architect Alexey Shchusev. Along with the Grand Hotel, the whole neighborhood was overturned.
The Moscow Hotel was one of the first Soviet hotels whose design and construction took into account the neighborhood’s features: the building had to be compatible with the History Museum and the Kremlin. Throughout the years of its existence up to 2004, the hotel was an important point of attraction: among its guests were the famous Soviet pilot Valery Chkalov, Italian actress Sophia Loren, and many others.
In 2004, the Moscow Hotel was demolished because it was decided that the old building does not correlate to the needs of expensive hotels, and a new building, stylistically reminiscent of the previous one, was built in its place. The new hotel, which became a part of Four Seasons international hotel chain, was opened in 2013. The result was a massive building with comprehensive infrastructure, sophisticated room design, probably the city’s best spa with an inner courtyard pool, and a restaurant with a panoramic view of the Kremlin walls.