[KU:] Ramen Izakaya Bar

A small chain of Ramen shops from Siberian restaurateur Denis Ivanov. The menus are slightly different at different venues, but that makes it even more interesting. Shuttling between Arbatskaya, Belorusskaya and Moscow City, you can always count on a fragrant bowl of elaborate ramen and a charming pinafore, which is a must. Another two important things to know about Ku: are as follows: first, they make their noodles on some unique machines imported from Japan; second, the local cooks keep close company with their Japanese colleagues, and that fact is reflected in the menu and composition of the dishes.

Chef's recommendations

  • Shoyu ramen
  • Kamo ramen
  • Tonkotsu ramen

Chef Bartender's recommendations

  • Long Life Spritz
  • Tokyo Rose
  • Satozakura
  • Johnny Depp