A source of national pride, the restaurant that has frequently found itself a part of various international restaurant ratings. Comfort and flair that take your mind off the daily worries, an open kitchen, designed by Italian Andrea Viakava, and the energetic chef Anatoly Kazakov, who is excited about Russian products and works diligently on reawakening the Russians’ love for buttermilk, haddock, and Poshekhonsky cheese. Kazakov has a lively temper, and one menu is never enough for him, which is why he regularly comes up with additional sets and special menus, using root vegetables or truffles, for example. Kazakov is one of those chefs who are ready to spend hours explaining the nature of cutlets and radishes. If you come to the restaurant and find the chef there, try to talk to him about whatever interests you: Anatoly is a brilliant storyteller.

Chef's recommendations

  • Lightly-salted trout in lingonberry sauce with cucumber tartare and spring sorrel
  • Cauliflower, black truffle and sheep’s cheese
  • Crab, millet and Poshekhonsky cheese
  • Pozharsky cutlet with cucumber ketchup and mashed potatoes
  • Panna cotta, sorrel, sour milk ice cream and tarragon curd

Chef Bartender's recommendations

  • The Cherry Orchard
  • Strawberry-Peach
  • Lychee-Isabella
  • Peach-Passion fruit
  • Spilanthes-Cloudberry