This is the result of long-standing friendship of two excellent chefs — Vitaly Istomin and Artem Losev — and the restaurateur Anton Pinsky who joined them. Together to work, together from work, together at internships, and together in travels. This is a rare example of chef hierarchy that brings total joy to everyone around them. The guys work as a duet and are constantly joking, both in the restaurant hall and in the menu, with a perfect example found in the menu section entitled “For those slimming down.” Among other things, it includes the social media hit among those who live at Patriarshy Ponds, the champagne jelly with fresh wild strawberries.

Chef's recommendations

  • Donuts with crab
  • Potatoes Angler
  • Fried potatoes with chanterelles
  • Smetannik
  • Champagne jelly

Chef Bartender's recommendations

  • Losev
  • Istomin
  • Pinskiy
  • Superstar spritz